Gas Piping


Don’t have propane service at your home yet? Looking to repair or upgrade your existing system?

Accurate Installers specializes in interior retrofit installations with our partners, EZ Propane. They expertly manage the exterior tank and gas line installation and hookups while we handle the interior lines, installation, and connections.

Propane does more than light your outdoor BBQ. It can provide clean, efficient, and cost-effective means of cooking and instant hot water heating. Propane can power your home’s furnace and clothes dryer. It can also effectively heat your pool and run a generator.

Did you know that the city of Vancouver typically provides Natural Gas to residents?

If you’re interested in a natural gas stove or fireplace in your home, give Accurate Installers a call. We have years of experience with natural gas fireplace installation, repair and cleaning.

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GAS PIPING Installation

Safe installation of gas piping and gas fireplaces is paramount for the safety of your home. Improperly installed gas pipes can cause gas leaks, fires, and health issues for your family. At Accurate Installers, we specialize in gas piping installation and work with our partners to ensure the proper installation of gas piping on both the interior and exterior of your home.

Many factors are considered when installing gas piping, including the distance from the service line and fireplace capacity. At Accurate Installers, we understand the complexities and importance of gas piping installation and retrofitting accuracy. Call us today to learn more about our services and our relationship with our partners. We provide superior gas piping and fireplace installation to Southwest Washington and surrounding areas.

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